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LV Style, Inc. is one of the leading sales organizations in the Northeast in ladie's apparel.  Our mission is to offer the most innovative and quality apparel products to our customers.


The showroom, originally named The Donnell Group, has offered clothing lines for over three decades to independent clothing stores along the East Coast. We constantly strive to evolve our clothing lines to meet the fashion needs of the modern woman. 


We offer an extensive range of branded women's apparel available throughout North America for the wholesale market. These brands cover ladies styles from classic to modern, and appeal to virtually every customer regardless of size, age, or preference.  As our loyal and growing customer base expands along the East Coast, we continue to research all markets to tailor our presentation to include innovative and high quality fashion for women of all lifestyles.


Our primary goal is for the success of our clients as well as our designers. Simply, when you succeed, we succeed. The difference with LV Style is we go above and beyond for our customers and manufacturers. We aim to meet and exceed expectations.


Our collections of lifestyle products is more than just clothing lines. We offer a blend of style and fashion with service and passion.



Lilian Valiunas

Owner and President

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